Many of the things that are happening around us may not be in our full control. It might at times make us feel like we are in a battle and we are not winning at all. All of our weapons and shield just got consumed but we do not have an inch of victory felt. This is true with our battle against depressions. It is like we have no control of our emotions and thinking that makes us struggle everyday trying to win the fight. It is important to remember that there are many factors involved and we do not have a single enemy here. This mental condition has always victimized teenagers who are not fully equipped in this battle. As teenagers are growing up, they experience a lot of changes that are out of their control. There comes puberty that sends them into a roller coaster emotions as the changes are not only limited with the physical but also hormonal. Because of the many changes that are happening, they often have negative thoughts and feelings and are very sensitive with the rejections that they might experience. Added to the many changes in their body, the worsening world condition adds up to the challenges that not only teenagers can relate to but as well as adults. We have to see closer about some causes of these mental condition that sends many to difficult situations. Visit Adelaide psychology services website and get the help of professionals or encourage someone to see a psychologists and win the battle against depression.

The Loss of a loved One

No one can comprehend the feelings of losing a loved one in death. Nothing can describe the mentions felt and how painful it is to accept the death of a family member or a close friend. It can put us into a desperate situation that can overwhelm any person. Death is an enemy that no one can avoid. When a person undergo through the pain of losing a loved one, he is at risk of being plunged into his deep despair and if he refuses help, it might cause him to get depressed about his situation.

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Our Make up

Being depressed is also caused by the chemical make up of our body. It is then important that we keep ourselves healthy as it helps us to keep a balanced amount of biochemicals present in our system. One of the saddest facts that we must face is that mental conditions might be passed on by parents to children. But because of the complexity of the brain, no one can really tell whether the condition is genetically passed on or was nurtured with the type of environment the child has.

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molded by environment

Molded by the Environment

More and more children today develop mental disorders because of the abuse they receive from their parents or an adult that serves as their guardians. The way that the child is raised can have a major influence on his emotional and mental make up. When children are raised being criticized all the time or physically abused, the tendency is for the child to develop mental disorders such as depression or worse.

With the increasing number of people suffering from mental disorders, more and more people should be aware of their battle to assist them and help them alleviate their conditions.