It has become necessary for Mel Ve and myself, Richard Ve, to respond to the allegations raised by Mr. Kevin Daniel Annett as quoted below.


“The Defendants are named and will be charged in a Superior Court and in a designated Common Law Court with the following offenses, specifically:

Extortion, Fraud, Criminal Assault, Defamation and Libel, Obstruction of Justice and Criminally Conspiring to destroy the good name and livelihood

of the Plaintiffs and to conceal other criminal acts including human trafficking, murder and crimes against humanity.”


We are not going to even put any energy into denying these ridiculous allegations, as there is not a shred of truth in them. How can we deny

anything that is a blatant lie.

There is not one shred of evidence to back up anything Mr Annett has said, and we beckon him to provide it.

The accusations are nothing more than a vindictive smear campaign by individuals who have been caught out. You see those who are caught out in a lie start attacking that very person that caught them out.

Show the proof of our association to Archbishop Andre Dupuy, we had never even heard of the man until you brought him up. Show the proof of your delusional accusations.

Making false accusations is a criminal offence Kevin.

Please take the accusations down. Issue a public apology and go on your way.

These attempts to attack us are just the actions of very sad and lonely people who see their limelight disappear into the horizon.

We are not the only ones on the receiving end of a Kevin Annett smear campaign. Every person that has ever been in disagreement with him has received one.

Go online and see for yourself. This evidence is not hard to find.

You see we are not afraid to present our evidence in court. As a matter of fact we would very much like to see Kevin Annett provide proof in a

Common Law Court of the charges. As the saying goes: “The truth shall set you free.”

But we believe that this will not see the inside of a court room because for there to be a case there needs to be evidence.

Kevin Annett does not have any. All he has is allegations which get more colorful everyday. It is like watching a bad comedy show.

We on the other hand have loads of evidence, witnesses and testimonies about the nefarious activities of one Kevin D. Annett,

for anybody who is willing to take the time to go through this material.

We can proof every single statement made by us about Mrs. Nijenhuis.

We have both written and video evidence and are very happy to show any Common Law Court anywhere in the world this footage.

Considering how far from reality Mr. Annett’s postings about us become with each passing day, we just simply do not wish to

engage these people in their apparent search for their fifteen minutes of fame. We do not wish to give energy to this.

Mr. Annett you are required to provide proper evidence of alleged crimes, or, issue the apology and go do some soul searching.

I do believe there is a good person in there somewhere, and if you dig deep enough, I am sure you will find it.

Richard Ve

Freedom Central